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Cubbyhole lets you manage home building projects more efficiently and get more done

Cubbyholes vision is to take the mystery out of the home building and renovation process for homeowners in New Zealand. The Android application fills a niche market and differentiates itself from others in the market by being a customer orientated building and renovation application, priced not to break the bank.

Cubbyhole lets you as the homeowner or renovator collaborate, organise, monitor and store information on the project in real-time prior, during and on completion of the project.


The application allows you to create or select team members, including their details, even if they have been used on a previous project.


Allows you to create a job, assign tasks to team members (including yourself), set reminders, receive notifications and review your communication history with team members. Expected costs and timeframes can also be loaded and compared to actual costs and timeframes, including unforeseen costs and delays. It is easy to switch between time and costs with a visual display available.


Access to the gallery allows you to store electronic plans, consents, quotes and photos. These are often required for multiple decisions, sometimes at short notice and often after the home has been completed.

Based on extensive research, interviews with industry experts, and industry experience the founder identified a gap in the market for homeowners wishing to build or renovate who may be faced with multiple decisions, deadlines, costs and communications with private and public industry experts. This system can work in conjunction with your builder and other industry experts. Cubbyhole is a way of capturing information in a “customer orientated” application to help make the building process more enjoyable for you. Enjoy!

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